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    1. This is the ONLY print advertising in Madison County that gives you the opportunity to meet the people that you are marketing to.

    2. Sponsors are included in the official HOA Homeowners Association newsletter.

    3. Sponsors are on the HOA Preferred Vendors List.

    4. 92% of the content in the newsletter is from and about the residents that live in the neighborhood = 100% readership.

    5. Life in Hampton Cove was voted the #1 neighborhood newsletter in the country August 2014! This award was based on the perfect balance of resident article/story participation with Sponsorship advertising.

    These amazing companies trust us with their marketing, you may want to consider it too. Our Sponsors include...

    Huntsville Hospital
    The Orthopedic Center (TOC)
    Haley's Flooring & Interiors
    Mercedes Benz of Huntsville
    Audi of Huntsville
    Champion Windows

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    Life in Clift's Cove
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